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Kren Construction begun as a general contractor and overtime we have undertaken many challenging projects & accumulated tremendous skill, know how and experience in Design & Building Solutions, Project Management services, Building trends and related Engineering Works.

We provide full infrastructure solutions for our contracts, working with the design and planning teams to ensure works can progress efficiently and without delay.

We reflect deeply on the old fashioned values of hard work and trust and thus tackle each project with conviction. We work to assist our clients by providing a single point of contact , handling project management, cost control, on site management of all the various complex under takings of a construction project.

Our objective on every project is to always deliver on budget, professionally - we have set out to create a business based on innovation, excellence and ethical business conduct.

Our emphasis on clear communication and follow though procedures ensures that client's objectives are top of priority in the planning and execution of all our processes. 

Customers benefit from our full range of engineering capacity by utilizing us at the earliest stage. We are here to build and maintain connected, functioning, healthy and liveable communities.

Our delivery is of utmost importance just so our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them all the time. We work in partnership with key sub-contractors and suppliers that deliver very high quality products and services as an advantage, as it enables Kren Construction to deliver the highest level of workmanship while maintaining the momentum of a project.

Our goal is always to build with integrity being honest and open with our Clients, Consultants, Contractors and Subcontractors. We recognise that without high level of trust, the vital relationships that can make or break a project will dissolve.

We pride our selves on the quality of our work, our pioneering engineering and construction techniques, our multi disciplined team and our integrated approach.

We are passionate with everything we do and we place our customers at heart, constantly delivering our best with quality and exceeds customer expectations.

We are team players and we work together to achieve our common goals. We empower out team of dedicated and experienced civil engineers and technical and supervisory staff with resources to get the job well done. Our people are professionals who are motivated to build exciting and challenging project, they are innovative, they explore new ideas, They seek better solutions, They enthusiastic, hardworking and committed to quality and excellence.

Capability to deliver superior construction quality through consistently disciplined work methods with commitment to high standards of workmanship, ability to mobilize resources and execute quality projects within stringen completion schedules, deployment of sophisticated building systems and adoption of current innovation in construction technology, to innovate and provide real value


To create steady growth and performance that consistently allows us to deliver a service to satisfaction of a client, safely on time and within the budget.


To be a respectable building contractor delivering beyond expectation - Always.


The responsible path that we have taken bears witness to our unwavering commitment to improve how we manage our work, with full respect for the expectation of all stake holders.

For every project we are engaged with, we have always aimed to produce high quality long lasting work, to protect local communities and to ensure the safety of all staff.

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